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Hi, the Lenovo Yoga 720 is good and has a 15″ version and dGPU. Here is my top ten list of tablet PCs. Let me know if you have mor questions. For Photoshop, ideally you want an i7 and dGPU and those tend to cost more. The Miix 520 is supposedly going to cost less (and be a bit less powerful than the 720) but it’s not out yet. The older ThinkPad Yoga 14 1st gen can still be found and has a dGPU. This 13″ Yoga is an i5 but has a pen and if you’re not doing heavy Photoshop it should be OK, it’s $849 right now at Best Buy .

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Best steroids tablets bodybuilding

best steroids tablets bodybuilding


best steroids tablets bodybuildingbest steroids tablets bodybuildingbest steroids tablets bodybuildingbest steroids tablets bodybuildingbest steroids tablets bodybuilding