Biologia de los esteroides

On behalf of the Spanish Societies of Genetics, Cell Biology and Developmental Biology, it is a great honour to open the call for this special meeting. This edition of the Congress is special because we join three societies with common and synergic interests to offer a unique scientific event that aims to foster the exchange of ideas between closely related fields of Biology. Creative science flourishes at the crossroads and young students need to have the opportunity to see and experience by themselves the benefits of looking beyond their daily realm of activities. As organizers of this joint congress, we are confident that new ideas and collaborative projects will emerge from this seed. In this spirit, we have composed an internationally open program with excellent speakers and topics to stimulate your attendance.

Paradigm shift and Instant-Picture-Mail success: It was clear to me that this was all a game changer and that this was the future of two of America’s most successful companies, Kodak and Polaroid, so I met with their CEOs and core teams. They all had wireless projects, and all could transmit pictures wirelessly and could not envision “Point shoot and share instantly”. No printing, no film, no paper, and no silver halide film. They all had billions of dollars in business, comfortable suites, armies of management consultants, tech consultants and pundits that just didn’t get it. Yes, I was trying to convince them that the future was digital photography “inside the phone” with the Instant-Picture-Mail software/server/service-infrastructure. They hired consultants, market pundits and they all collectively came to the conclusion that phones would be focused on voice (this is before texting) and that cameras would become wireless. Both Kodak and Polaroid went bankrupt and so did Motorola. Nothing could stop this paradigm shift. I couldn’t find anyone in the . with the vision to launch “Instant-Picture-Mail”. I also had no success with my good contacts at big players in Japan, such as NTT Docomo. However, a small Japanese carrier – J-Phone – was enthusiastic and brought in Sharp to design a “Instant-Picture-Mail phone”. In Japanese Sha-Mail means Picture-Mail. It was a great success and it really put J-phone on the map. J-phone is now owned by Softbank. We launched the Camera-Phone with Instant-Picture-Mail in Japan in late 1999.

Biologia de los esteroides

biologia de los esteroides


biologia de los esteroidesbiologia de los esteroidesbiologia de los esteroidesbiologia de los esteroidesbiologia de los esteroides