Corrosive esophagitis steroid

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Esophagitis Symptoms

I am now taking a prescription of Ratidine #150 in the morning an hour before I eat. If I eat the proper foods and do not eat after 7pm in the evening, I pretty much stay comfy regarding the heartburn. I drink water to neutralize the acidity in the stomach if I should awaken during the night with some heartburn. I no longer have a really bad time with it like I did when I first went off the omeprazole. Okay, the reason I went off it, as someone asked the question, is because I was having trouble breathing, went to the hospital and was found my lungs were like shattered glass! Treated with prednisone and some oxygen and as time went on, I thought perhaps it was the omeprazole (I had other horrible side affects like sinus infection all the time, urinary tract infections all the time, pain in my bones, the gout, you name it, I had it! all ended when I stopped the O... ) so I stopped the omeprazole, just had another CT Scan on my lungs, all clear so it was the medication causing all the problems. I wish I did not have to take the Ratidine (Zantac) but my body overproduces acid so this neutralizes the acid rather that what the PPI's do which is STOP THE BODY FROM PRODUCING ACIDS which is not good as we need some acids in our system. So for me, the PPI's no matter what the name is not good. Also, it interfered with my production of iron and caused me to become anemic, so I had too much at stake to continue the wonder drugs, PPI's.
Hope this answered some of the questions here. Right now I am doing so well and I wonder why I ever went on the PPI but I did have Hpylori so that is why I started, not from heartburn... also I have a hiatal hernia which is treacherous but being aware helps. I have had the colonscopy and endoscopy and the swallowing test and all was fine except for a polyp which was removed from the colon.
Thanks for all the wonderful support in this..I learned a lot just from the comments!

Corrosive esophagitis steroid

corrosive esophagitis steroid


corrosive esophagitis steroidcorrosive esophagitis steroidcorrosive esophagitis steroidcorrosive esophagitis steroidcorrosive esophagitis steroid