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blackbird014: Hey man, I appreciate your comments too and respect your opinion even though if it is different than mine. In principle, none owns the true and everything could be subject to discussion. I still insist that Canelo won this bout by throwing with absolute proficiency the most clear punches of this fight. I just read few minutes ago the CompuBox Stats (included in this forum) and it confirms my assertion since Canelo connected at a higher rate all the punches thrown including the power punches. I cannot agree more that Canelo thrown much less but his accuracy was much better than GGG. My comment doesn’t include the jabs thrown; GGG was better in this sense but they aren’t as noticeable as all the array of other punches displayed during the fight. A brutal attack like the one carried out by GGG is only positive when success is achieved. In this fight GGG wasn’t able to knock down Canelo neither hurt him to an extreme to consider this as a severe threat. In the mean time, by doing this he missed a lot of punches and was technically exposed. I like very much offensive boxers when they produce results but I like also defensive ones when by means of their skills are capable like Canelo to navigate safe and with grace through big storms as the one deployed by GGG in this bout. If Canelo throw a little bit more i’m pretty sure that none of us would be involved in such a discussion. I fully agree with you that the score 118-110 was outrageous and such a “blind” or corrupted judge should be penalized.

Indeed, the 918 teems with special touches. Atop its sweeping center console is a touch-screen complete with an Audi-style writing surface that accepts inputs via fingertip scribbling, which will surely trickle down to workaday Porsches. All the knobs and even the vanes in the HVAC vents are real aluminum. And that mesh engine cover? It’s stamped from a solid sheet of stainless, and then a laser cuts 7335 holes in it over the course of about four hours. Our favorite detail, though, involves the tire sidewalls, portions of which are laser etched for a texture remarkably similar to that of suede. (The 911 GT3 offers the same touch at a saving of about $700,000.)

Full body vs split steroids

full body vs split steroids


full body vs split steroidsfull body vs split steroidsfull body vs split steroidsfull body vs split steroidsfull body vs split steroids