Gynecomastia after taking steroids

Breast cancer is very uncommon in men, with around 100 Australian men diagnosed each year (less than 1% of all breast cancers). It usually has different characteristics to gynaecomastia. The breast tissue in gynaecomastia is soft, elastic, or firm but not hard; it happens underneath the nipple; and in half the cases affects both breasts. Breast cancer usually appears as a hard or firm lump, commonly located outside the nipple but sometimes underneath the nipple, and usually only in one breast. Some men with breast cancer may also have skin dimpling, retracted nipples, or even a nipple discharge.

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Individuals who have cirrhosis or chronic liver disease may develop gynecomastia for several reasons. Cirrhotics tend to have increased secretion of the androgenic hormone androstenedione from the adrenal glands, increased conversion of this hormone into various types of estrogen, [6] and increased levels of SHBG, which leads to decreased blood levels of free testosterone. [13] Approximately 10–40% of individuals with Graves' disease (a common form of hyperthyroidism ) experience gynecomastia. [13] Increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen by increased aromatase activity, [6] increased levels of SHBG and increased production of testosterone and estradiol by the testes due to elevated levels of LH cause the gynecomastia. Proper treatment of the hyperthyroidism can lead to the resolution of the gynecomastia. [13]

Gynecomastia after taking steroids

gynecomastia after taking steroids


gynecomastia after taking steroidsgynecomastia after taking steroidsgynecomastia after taking steroidsgynecomastia after taking steroidsgynecomastia after taking steroids