Igor lukanin steroids

Isnt even the best Super heavy in Russia?? Do you even follow weightlifting?? who is better than Ruslan? Chingiz with his 200kg snatch at best, and his “monstrous” 240-245 cnj. Or is it Lovchev???Wait, wait, it must be the sntch specialist lapikov, who can barely clean 240. Please!!! make no mistake he is the best Russia has, Look up his 205 snatch for double from blocks, i know its not strong. as far as Bahador goes, his snatch will always hold him back, for now. Also idk why Ruslan couldnt hold the bar over his head on second attempt, i think he was ready for 260. nearly lost dont count, Ruslans latest gold medals sure do though. im not trying to sound like a jerk.

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Igor lukanin steroids

igor lukanin steroids