Is croup contagious if on steroids

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Naturopathic pediatricians typically recommend rubbing your child’s chest with essential oils in a base oil like coconut oil. Some recommended essential oils for croup include tea tree, thyme and lavender. I highly recommend making a homemade vapor rub to have on hand for situations like this. (Note: Eucalyptus should be avoided in children 2 and under.) You can swap out essential oils as desired. Just always make sure to perform a small skin patch test (for example, on your child’s forearm) to rule out any possible allergic reactions.

Is croup contagious if on steroids

is croup contagious if on steroids


is croup contagious if on steroidsis croup contagious if on steroidsis croup contagious if on steroidsis croup contagious if on steroidsis croup contagious if on steroids