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Everyone keeps asking questions that are answered in the article. Beyond that, see a doctor ASAP. Unfortunately it seems the doctor who wrote the article cannot answer all the questions. So, if it’s alright, I will share some things that I have observed. I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. This is my own opinion I am sharing. Evaluate according to your own discretion.
From my experience ( I get stung by sweat bees several times a day, every day, yes even in bad weather- I live near a field), it is important to not only remove the stinger ( which can be extremely small depending on the size of the bee or wasp…maybe less than 1/32 of an inch..get a jewelers loop), but I have to gently get the venom out. EACH AND EVERY time. It is usually mixed with the white blood cells, clear liquid my body releases to combat the venom and can be as little as a drop the size of head of a pin. But I carefully squeeze it out and apply alcohol. If it looks like it’s getting red or infected I go to the doctor and get an antibiotic ASAP.
The sight where the sting occurred reacts specifically. In other words, when I got stung near my ear, I had an inner ear imbalance for several weeks. When I was stung near my thyroid,on my neck, I went HYPO (documented as reactive hypothyroid) for a year ! On my chest, it caused an arrythmia so near the heart. On my hand, joint inflammation. Remember our skin is really quite thin, and the bee venom has the ability to travel into nearby nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Look up “insect venom” and you will see how it is designed by nature to attack nerve function and other things.
If you have a swelling and hardness over the bite months or even years later, it may mean the stinger is still in the skin, and perhaps even venom within the sac that is at the end of the stinger. The body does not dissolve it. It must be removed by a doctor under magnification. The hard skin is the body’s attempt to “live with it” and it surrounds the stinger with a protective callous.
I personally have felt flu-ey, achey, nauseous, dizzy and anxious for a few days after a bad sting day. My muscles will ache, I will get sleepy right after a sting, too. Sometimes the sting does not “register” with my system for many hours, and I won’t feel sick until late that night, or even the next morning.
And, yes, I’m planning on moving as soon as I can.
I hope you guys all feel better soon. Go to the doctor if you feel sick. This story was just to help your understanding. This article was excellent, but sharing is supportive.

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Mc cover steroid gang lyrics

mc cover steroid gang lyrics


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