No sperm count steroids

There are many things that can affect a person’s sperm count, including congenital disorder-like hormonal changes. Other acquired diseases, such as mumps, can also have an effect. Illicit drugs, alcohol, certain toxins, smoking, and exposure to heavy metals like lead and mercury can all affect sperm production. Trauma or illnesses such as liver disease and kidney disease are factors as well. Fertility can be affected if there are problems with delivering the sperm from the testes. Problems anywhere along the tract from the testicles, including the epididymis , vas deferens, and prostate, can affect fertility. Retrograde ejaculation — when the ejaculate goes in the wrong direction — can decrease fertility, though not necessarily sperm count.

very novice user of juice(roids) from sa.... just would like to find out for sure, if i take a test e course mixed with dbol or tren will it effect my sperm count perminantly ? i see sum guys havn kids still but i wana be a hundred percent sure because im still young and really amped to have kids one day. Please also advise me as to what dosage of test and tren to take cause i really wana get cut now. Have taken a course of just dbol by itself a while ago and put on sum good size. but have let myself go now and have becum chubz needa do a cutting cyle. also worried cause when i took dbol i didnt use any pct. so if someone culd please help me, just on dosages of the course, effects on your sperm and what preffered pct to take and dosage. and also how common is the acne affect ? cause not keen for that aswell?

No sperm count steroids

no sperm count steroids


no sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroidsno sperm count steroids