Polyhydroxylated steroids

A study of a closely related southeast Asian Astraeus species concluded that the fungus contained an abundance of volatile eight-carbon compounds (including 1-octanol , 1-octen-3-ol , and 1-octen-3-one ) that imparted a "mushroom-like, earthy, and pungent odor that was evident as an oily and moss-like smell upon opening the caps". The study's authors further noted that the fruit bodies after cooking have a "roasted, maillard, herbal, and oily flavor". Volatile compounds detected after cooking the mushroom samples included furfural , benzaldehyde , cyclohexenone , and furanyl compounds. [40] The regional differences in opinions on edibility are from sources published before it was known that North American and Asian versions of A. hygrometricus were not always the same; in some cases Asian specimens have been identified as new species, such as A. asiaticus and A. odoratus . [15] [17]

Polyhydroxylated steroids

polyhydroxylated steroids


polyhydroxylated steroidspolyhydroxylated steroidspolyhydroxylated steroidspolyhydroxylated steroids