Steroids make baby sleepy

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A: If she continues this pattern, she will likely become obese at a very young age and be at risk for the same issues as adults with obesity: type 2 diabetes, early cardiovascular disease (heart disease, strokes), obstructive sleep apnea (which can cause heart-muscle strain over time and problems with attention during the day), hypertension/high blood pressure (which can cause kidney problems, eye problems, and heart problems), high cholesterol, etc. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more kids who are having high cholesterol and/or hypertension and/or subtle or obvious type 2 diabetes … problems that used to be solely adult problems. Even if your child doesn’t develop these problems now, she greatly increases her chances of these problems as an adult. Now is the time to intervene. The therapy is age-old: Decrease the fats and sugars, and increase the exercise. A few simple things: Don’t change how much she eats, instead change the quality of foods she eats; decrease the amount of juices and milk (only 2 cups of milk a day, including with cereal) and increase the amount of water (also try Crystal Light); decrease TV/computer/Nintendo time (no more than one hour a day); increase the number of fun outside activities (emphasis on fun).

Steroids make baby sleepy

steroids make baby sleepy