Steroids meaning in bengali

AI’s are also sometimes used during PCT because of their ability to stimulate LH and FSH. However, they also lower estrogen levels and often too much during this phase. Part of the PCT plan is to allow the body to normalize and part of that is maintaining normal estrogen levels. Estrogen is not an evil hormone many men, especially steroid users often believe it is. Estrogen is extremely important for muscle building, sexual health, mental health and a host of other areas. Estrogen levels that are too high or too low, both can be very problematic.

It is important to use the correct amount of topical steroid for your eczema, as instructed by your healthcare professional. Topical steroids should be applied with clean hands so that the skin just glistens. It can sometimes be difficult to judge how much steroid to use and there are guidelines on the amount required to cover body areas that are affected by eczema. These are based on the Finger Tip Unit (FTU), and explained in detail in our fact sheet which you can download as a pdf from the related documents to the right of this page.

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Steroids meaning in bengali

steroids meaning in bengali


steroids meaning in bengalisteroids meaning in bengalisteroids meaning in bengalisteroids meaning in bengalisteroids meaning in bengali